Sustainable Aviation Futures 2024

Smartenergy is the Lead Sponsor of the event.

SAF Congress spans from May 21 to 23, gathering over 500 professionals from the aviation and energy industries to establish frameworks and amplify strategies in response to the substantial projected growth in Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and the pursuit of ambitious industry-wide decarbonisation goals.

Aligned with the ReFuelEU aviation initiative, this congress charts a course with mandatory obligations for fuel suppliers, gradually increasing the proportion of SAF sourced from biofuels and synthetic aviation fuels provided to operators at EU airports.

The event promises expert content, extensive networking opportunities within the aviation and energy value chain, and profound insights into topics, such as feedstocks, eFuels, carbon accounting, regulation, and more. All aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge and readiness required for the challenges presented by ReFuelEU.

Further information on the SAF Congress is available on the event’s website.

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