Smartenergy receives recognition at COP28

The Galileu Green H2 Valley will support decarbonising the cement and the aviation industry in Portugal.

On the Energy Transition Day at COP28 (5 December 2023), the Swiss investment company Smartenergy wins changemaker recognition for its ground-breaking work in the Galileu Green H2 Valley to produce sustainable hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels (eSAF) to support decarbonizing the cement and aviation sectors. The project was awarded for its innovative cross-sectoral collaborations, high scalability, and attractive model for other countries and industries to further accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The 360MW electroliser to produce green hydrogen will be placed in the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira (Portugal). It will start with a first phase of 125MW. This strategic location benefits from the proximity to the offtakers of the green hydrogen on the one hand and the availability of key feedstock like water and green electricity from dedicated solar PV plants on the other. The project is in the engineering phase, and the environmental permitting process has started.

Galileu Green H2 Valley is part of Smartenergy’s portfolio of projects dedicated to producing eSAF – the future of clean aviation. eSAF contributes to direct CO2 emission savings while it can be used in existing aircrafts without any engine adjustments and with existing fuel handling infrastructure. Smartenergy’s eSAF projects in Portugal are based in Lisbon, Aveiro, and Porto. In their final stage, the three projects will have a combined production of more than 300k t of eSAF per year.

In the words of Horst H. Mahmoudi, CEO & Executive Chairman at Smartenergy, “this award and our presentation to investors and policymakers at COP28 demonstrate the project’s maturity, adding to previous European recognitions. The Galileu Green H2 Valley stands as a benchmark across Europe for navigating the complexities of challenging industries like cement and aviation. It delivers exceptional value to all involved parties, both directly and indirectly. From a sustainability standpoint, its environmental benefits are widely acknowledged and profoundly significant. Looking at it from a business angle, this project is poised to revolutionize the industry by curbing CO2 emissions and offering a reliable, cost-effective, homegrown substitute to fossil fuels.”

Major industrial players and institutional bodies are involved in the project. The project also secured the engagement of a gas DSO (Distribution System Operator) in view of delivering the dedicated infrastructure to reach the various end consumers within the H2 Valley.

“By implementing its realistic set-up, the model shaped by the Galileu Green H2 Valley helps net-zero the cement-intensive industry, which is responsible for around 8% of global CO2 emissions, and helps decarbonize the aviation industry, which is responsible for around 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. Galileu Green H2 Valley’s comprehensive approach brims with transformative potential as it can be replicated in other hard-to-abate sectors”, says Andrès Isaza, Chief Commercial Officer at Smartenergy and head of the Abu Dhabi office. Galileu Green H2 Valley is part of Smartenergy’s Green H2 Holding, an investment vehicle comprising 2 GWe of green hydrogen projects showcasing an investment opportunity presently within reach for investors.

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