Smartenergy and Grupo Prodiel jointly developing more than 4 GW of solar PV projects

The Swiss investment company and the Spanish multinational have founded Greenfield PV, a joint venture focused on developing large-scale solar PV projects in Spain.

On April 12th, Smartenergy and Grupo Prodiel closed an agreement incorporating jointly Greenfield PV SL. The Company started its activity with a team of more than 50 highly motivated development specialist working on a portfolio comprising more than 4 GW of solar PV projects in Spain. Additionally, Smartenergy acquired a significant project pipeline exceeding 1 GW of Solar PV projects from Prodiel. Greenfield PV will provide development services to both portfolios.

In the words of Grupo Prodiel’s vice-president, Miguel Somé, “Greenfield PV is born as a company committed to a sustainable development and environmental conservation. We focus on a model of responsible and orderly development of solar PV assets.”

Joao Cunha, COO and Deputy CEO of Smartenergy: “Greenfield PV is a prime example of the work that Smartenergy is performing by identifying opportunities all over Europe and in this case in Spain, creating synergies throughout the entire value chain. With this giant step Smartenergy is now well positioned for further growth in Spain.”

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