Making the Hydrogen Economy Happen

Smartenergy is Sponsor of the event.

The Portuguese National Hydrogen Strategy is ambitious, as many investment projects are getting the green light, but kickoffs have been slow. An important development took place on July 11th when the first auction for procuring renewable hydrogen to integrate into the national gas network was announced. While this represents an initial incentive likely to stimulate investor interest, there’s still a need for more when it comes to meeting the set goals and approved projects.  

So, how can the implementation of these approved projects be boosted? Under what circumstances can new initiatives be initiated? How can we bring the hydrogen economy into reality? During this seminar, various perspectives will be discussed, including those of the Portuguese government, producers, consumers, and technologists.    

“Making the Hydrogen Economy Happen» will be held in Porto on November 3rd . Smartenergy is Sponsor of the event. 

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