RePowerEU: Instrumento de Aceleracão das Oportunidades do Hidrogénio?

Smartenergy is Lead Sponsor of the event

The European Commission’s RePowerEU strategy aims to end energy dependence on natural gas from Russia by 2030 and advance Europe’s decarbonisation strategy through a clear focus on renewable energies and gases. The acceleration of solar and wind energy projects, combined with the production of green hydrogen for different end uses, therefore seems to be a reality to be achieved quickly. But is this really the case?

In RepowerEU seminar, different visions will be represented -Europe, the Portuguese government, financial actors, and the market – and promote moments of dialogue between professionals involved in the ongoing energy transition.

The initiative will take place on 23 September in a hybrid format (presential in Fundação Dr. Antonio Cupertino de Miranda -Porto- and online). 

The seminar is promoted by INEGI with the support of Smartenergy, and is part of INEGI’s Advanced Training Programme in Hydrogen Technologies and Economics.

For further information on the event “RePowerEU: Instrumento de Aceleracão das Oportunidades do Hidrogénio?”, please visit its website.

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