Project Cotovio: Another project getting set for full swing.

Being by far one of the most thrilling, yet challenging projects.
Project Cotovio | 48.9MWp | Portimão, Portugal

The south coast of Portugal is remarkably one of the best European destinations to enjoy lovely hot and sunny days. It is also known for being a crowded area and populated with tourism units for all tiers, with undeniable need for renewable energy solutions. With such an attractive place and conditions, finding a suitable site to fit our project was a tough process.

The technical team spent hundreds of hours to come up with the most efficient design solution in order to deliver according to the investors expectations.

Another major priority for the layouts was to minimize the impact on the surrounding landscape taking in consideration the former vegetation. The construction team is now fully committed and working hard in order to deliver this project in time with our partners, who also proved to be fully aligned to the target and quality standards.

Project Cotovio – 48.9MWp solar farm, with approx. 110.000 solar modules to be installed, are set to be generating electricity to power the Algarve region in the Summer of 2021.

Project Cotovio, located in the South of Portugal, is a collaboration between Smartenergy and EKZ.

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