H2 Zaragoza

Smartenergy is the Organiser of the event.

The shifting landscape in the energy sector marks the dawn of a new Green Hydrogen economy. In this new context, Smartenergy is organising various roadshows within the Iberian Peninsula in collaboration with local entities and authorities, spreading this transformative vision among the communities and industry clusters near its projects.

With the goal of strengthing connections with offtakers and other stakeholders, and to raise awareness of the potential of Green H2 in hard-to-abate industries such as metal, cement, or chemicals, among others, Smartenergy hosts H2 Zaragoza with the support of two significant local official bodies, namely Fundación Hidrógeno Zaragoza and Fundación CIRCE.

The event, scheduled for February 21, will be hosted by the journalist Laura Ojea and will feature presentations not only from these foundations and Smartenergy but also from leading companies across various segments of the hydrogen value chain, including PRF, Honeywell MAXON, and Redexis.

For further details, please consult the event agenda here.

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