H2 Torres Vedras

Smartenergy is the Organiser of the event.

Smartenergy boasts a comprehensive portfolio of planned renewable energy projects in Portugal, surpassing 4 GW in capacity, including solar, wind and green hydrogen. Several of these projects are part of green H2 valleys throughout the country, developed in partnership with public and private relevant stakeholders.

This shifting landscape in the energy sector marks the dawn of a new Green Hydrogen economy.  In this context, Smartenergy collaborates with local authorities, spreading this transformative vision among the communities nearby its projects.

The ‘H2 Torres Vedras Opportunity Present’ event is organised by Smartenergy, with the support of the Torres Vedras Municipality, and Investir Torres Vedras Agency. The event will take place in Torres Vedras on October 24th, and involves the participation of prominent Portuguese organisations, including APICER (Portuguese ceramic industry association), AP2H2 (Hydrogen industry association), Agência Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Oeste (regional public body for sustainability) and several industry representatives.

For further details, please consult the event agenda here.

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