Green Hydrogen Summit 2022

Smartenergy is the Host Sponsor on 17th and 18th May in Lisbon, Portugal.

With hydrogen now a central part of many nations’ decarbonisation plans there still remains a challenge; how do we produce truly clean green hydrogen at the volumes needed to support this burgeoning Hydrogen ecosystem, at comparable prices to grey or blue Hydrogen? Without a route to green hydrogen at scale, efforts to transition to hydrogen will not contribute to the 2050 target of net zero.

With this in mind, the third annual Green Hydrogen Summit will examine every aspect of achieving cost-competitive green hydrogen at scale. The Summit will provide a comprehensive view of the entire green hydrogen ecosystem, including the regulations and incentives countries are deploying, the business models to deploy electrolysis projects, the infrastructure upgrades needed to transport and store hydrogen at scale, and the industrial applications for the hydrogen being produced.

Now into its third year, and with an audience made up of government officials, energy suppliers, project developers, debt providers and investors, utilities, gas TSOs and off-takers the summit will bring together delegates with leading experts to share the latest case studies, inspire action, and make the connections to realise the potential of green hydrogen.

Smartenergy is the Host Sponsor of the event.

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