Betty solar PV plant will be connected to the grid in October

The new plant will be the third biggest facility managed by Smartenergy in Portugal to date

The construction of the photovoltaic plant Betty in north-eastern Portugal continues on schedule, and the facility, with an output capacity of 23.4 MWp, will be ready to connect to the grid by the end of October. Betty is located very close to the existing plant Mogadouro, also a Smartenergy-managed plant (49.0 MWp) that started operations at the end of 2020.

According to the country’s average domestic consumption statistics, with its 43,036 solar modules, Betty will have enough capacity to supply electricity to around 4,000 homes. At the same time, this state-of-the-art PV plant will prevent annual emissions of 17,016 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The video shows the construction work in September.

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