11th Solar Finance & Investment Europe Summit

Smartenergy will be the Host Sponsor of the event.

In its 11th edition, Solar Finance & Investment Europe Summit will bring together funds, banks, developers, utilities, government, and industry across Europe.

The Summit program focuses on solutions, offering leaders in solar investment a platform to scale, learn, and establish industry-defining partnerships.

With Europe targeting Net Zero by 2050, meeting this goal requires a threefold increase in annual investments in clean energy, resulting in over 1 TW of renewable capacity by 2030. Solar power is expected to contribute 50%, necessitating significant advancements in capital markets, finance innovation, grid infrastructure, solar development, equipment procurement, storage deployment, and installer capacity.

The event will take place in London on January 31st and February 1st, with Smartenergy serving as its Host Sponsor.

Further information on the Solar Finance & Investment Europe Summit, in the event’s website.

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